Smarter 3D vision for safer mobility

Autonomous transport
Individual and collective

The SteerLight LiDAR provides precise, latency-free information on the position and speed of obstacles surrounding road transport vehicles, independently of light conditions and with angular resolutions which are better than 0.1 °.

Logistics and Industry

Without mechanical parts involved in laser beam scanning, the on-chip integrated SteerLight LiDAR provides robust, precise understanding of logistics infrastructure, with an 80% potential for lowering prices by a positive scale effect.


With cost-effective LiDARs, SteerLight sensors will be deployable as a complement to cameras to precisely locate humans both during the day and at night and make urban mobility safer and smoother.

Service to people

Cost effective LiDARs will pave the way for their integration in assistance robots for healthcare workers, and even in canes for the visually impaired.