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SteerLight raises €3,2 Million For Smarter 3D Vision And Safer Mobility

Spun off from CEA-Leti with the ambition to disrupt the LIDAR technology using silicon photonics technology SteerLight closed a 2M€ funding round from group of investors led by Stellantis Venture along with Quantonation and LIFFT, venture capital focused on deep-tech. This funding comes on top of a 1,2M€ loan granted by three banks including BPI France.

This injection of capital will enable us to continue developing our LIDAR prototype based on a microchip. This technology, which exploits silicon photonics, promises to deliver substantial improvements in terms of performance, cost and compactness compared with existing LiDAR solutions. By using an alternative method to mechanical technologies used by other lidars in favor of photonics, SteerLight will create more robust chips, with more accurate rendering and less subject to parasitic flux.